Rivercity News – Sunday 3rd July 2016

Hi Church!
Well that was another great weekend in church and significant regarding our future
together. I’m sure you will agree that Nick Resce and Nicholas Tsakis brought a
‘word in season’ for our church and spoke prophetically into many people’s lives.

Today I am reminded of two verses of scripture:
“God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as
though they did” – Romans 4:17

I love the insight added to this verse by the NLT ‘who creates new things out of nothing’
and also the NIV ‘who calls into being things that were not’.

Prophecy has creative power! It breathes life into your future. It adds clarity to your journey.
It unlocks the potential of your dreams and aspirations.

Another verse that comes to mind is; “This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according
to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the
good warfare” – 1Timothy 1:18

Prophecy reminds us of the things God has said to us before. The word of the Lord can
come to us a ‘second time’ to help us in our current circumstances. It generates the faith
to hope again and the courage to breakthrough in this season.

Let’s be determined to embrace what God has revealed to us individually and corporately.
Let’s be diligent to co-operate with Him who is building His Church. The future is bright!

See you on Sunday
Gary & Nikki
VOTE ON SATURDAY – National Elections Saturday 2 July
Pray / Think / Vote

If you want to know what some political parties policies are regarding families.
This link may be of assistance:

Family Voice Australia
Australian Christian Lobby is urging to make a stand regarding the proposal to change laws
in Queensland regarding abortion. Thankfully a parliamentary committee is looking at the
bill to see what impact it may have on abortions in Queensland.

However we are encouraged to take a stand for innocent children and to speak up for the voiceless.

If you would like to write a short letter to say you oppose the bill currently before parliament,
then please do so. Keep your letter brief, clear and polite.

Email: abortionlawreform@parliament.qld.gov.au

Submissions must be in by 4pm. Thursday 30 June 2016.
To be accepted, submissions should contain the author’s name and contact details.
The roster for Term 3 starts on the 10th July.

Correct adult / child ratios are needed for the proper care of our kids!

For our two older groups we need 1 adult to every 8 children and for our Kindy group
we need 1 adult to every 3 children. This high ratio for the Kindy group has meant that
we are still struggling to meet the requirements.

If you know of an adult that would be willing to help out for two of our Kindy weeks this
next term please let Kristy Meizer know.
Pray for our politicians as we draw near to elections.
Pray for our nation as it decides who will lead.
Pray for England and Europe in the wake of Brexit.
Pray for the Arab World. Thousands are currently involved in 30 days of intercession
for Muslims to come to The Lord.
Pray for Rivercity and that the prophetic words over our church will come to pass.

BSB: 034 068 Acc No: 125841
For missions: Rivercity Family Church Missions Account
BSB: 034 034 Acc No: 208884

Email: mail@rivercityfamilychurch.org.au
Rivercity Family Church
Phone: 07 3300 0020 Fax 07 3300 0021
PO Box 384 The Gap 4061
59 Settlement Road The Gap 4061

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