Rivercity News – Sunday 13 March 2016

Hi Church

Leonard Ravenhill (nicknamed the apostle of prayer) said ‘Much of our praying is wasted,
because we are asking God to do things He has asked us to do!’

There is a balance between what we are called to do and what only God can do.
There is a synergy between the sovereignty of God and the brilliance of man,
between the favour of God and the innovation of a leader.

Paul said I am a ‘wise master builder’ but Jesus said ‘I will build My church’.
We are commanded by Jesus to ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel’ but it’s
only He who can ‘add to the church daily those who are being saved’.

The disciples organised the thousands of people into groups and found some basic
subsistence – 2 fish and 5 loaves – but only Jesus could work a multiplication miracle
and feed the multitude. The disciples moved the stone and even unwrapped Lazarus’
grave clothes so that he could be free but only Jesus could raise him from the dead.

In the same way we can develop new structures, raise resource, improve programs,
cast fresh vision and reset the culture of Rivercity.
But only God can revive a church, rescue the lost and restore a community.

Here’s my conclusion I need to develop a ‘work prayer ethic’. I need to work like
everything depends on my work and pray like everything depends on the Lord.

Work hard. Pray hard.

See you Sunday morning and join us for prayer on Sunday night at 6:00pm.

Gary & Nikki Rucci

Come, let’s pray together – 6pm Sunday, at the church
Fiji Offering Update

The special offering announced last week raised just under $3,500 for the people in Fiji
who were affected by the recent Category 5 Cyclone. This money is more than enough
to cover the cost of sending a 40ft shipping container over to Fiji, full of donations for the
people, as they rebuild their homes & lives.
Thank you for your generous giving to this very worthy cause.

Young Adults’ Gathering

A BBQ & get-together to be held at the Rucci’s @ 6pm, Saturday 19th March
For more information & to RSVP, contact James on 0412 503 946.

Easter Services
Good Friday (25 March) – one hour service, with communion and a short message.
Easter Sunday (27 March) – Special Guest Speaker – John Partington (National Leader of AOG, Great Britain)
Easter is one of the best times of the year to invite a friend to church.
Plan ahead…..who will you bring to church this Easter?

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