A Lesson from Milan

Recently I visited the Duomo Milano. The intriguing and breathtaking cathedral sits on a 183,000 sq.ft piazza in the heart of Milan. So magnificent, I found it hard to describe. Author Mark Twain captures my sentiments when he described it as ‘A wonder….so grand, so solemn, so vast!…the figures are so numerous and the design so complex, that one might study it for a week without exhausting its interest’

The building is amazing but what captured my attention the most was the fact it took 579 years to build. Imagine the vision, the determination, the sacrifice and the succession planning required to accomplish such a feat. Down through the generations from Saluzzo to Galeazzo, from Sforza to Borromeo, from Pelligrini to Bonaparte and so on. The building would have ceased if just one generation had lost heart, dropped the vision or stopped making the necessary sacrifices.

Recently I was musing again on the verse in Acts 13:36 ‘For David after he served his own generation by the will of God, feel asleep and was buried with his fathers and saw corruption’. It occurs to me that God outworks His purpose in and through His chosen servants in every generation. In fact the NIV captures this idea by rendering the same verse in this way, ‘For when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation…’ We too must be intentional in committing ourselves to Gods sovereign purpose in our time.

We have been given the awesome responsibility and privilege of building upon the foundation of our forefathers. This is our season, its our turn! However we also are challenged to leave a legacy. Not a financial inheritance – something of much greater value – an eternal heritage.

The next generation will build upon the platform we are establishing in this season. The emerging leaders, both male and female, will bring accelerated growth and momentum tomorrow, if we prepare the way today.

So the question is ‘Who are we equipping and developing for tomorrow?’

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